You run an organization within the Social and Solidarity Economy, which contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals, and you are seeking to consolidate or accelerate part of your activity. GROUPE SOS SOS Pulse can help you to build a roadmap and mobilize human, financial, and/or technical resources to achieve your objectives.

Our wish: to share the experiences built by our incubators and by GROUPE SOS to support the structures of the Social and Solidarity Economy – leveraging an increased impact in the long term.

GROUPE SOS Pulse has built capacities in key competencies required to run an ESS structure :

  • Strategy and project management
  • Consolidation of the economic model
  • Review and reinforcement of service offerings
  • Support in search of financing
  • Training, skill-building, and technical support
  • Networking and mobilization of partners
  • Broadening of the problems encountered on a larger scale (support of state power in the implementation of a political strategy, awareness raising within populations and public authorities, etc.)
We bring to these missions GROUPE SOS’ field and business experience, which spans work in 44 different countries on issues related to education, housing, social inclusion, employability, access to care, elder support, culture, agricultural and ecological models.


Support project for GROUPE AMH (Amicale marocaine des handicapés)

Through this project we are engaged in sustainably improving the quality of life and social integration of people with disabilities in Morocco. The AMH supports rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation in a context of shortage of staff, limited performance of specialized structures, and low consideration of disability by the State.

    Objectives of our action:

  • Improve quality of rehabilitation care through increased staffing and skills
  • Develop the performance of specialized health structures in rehabilitation and functional rehabilitation
  • Allow better consideration of the needs of people with disabilities in the national health strategy

    Our approach:

  • Implementation of a training center for nursing and functional rehabilitation care for nurses and physiotherapists
  • Consolidation of the capacities of health structures (optimization of management and administration procedures ; improvement of the performance, social impact, construction, and material equipment of an extension of the Noor Hospital Center
  • Advocacy to promote the project

Support project to MAIN (Microfinance African Institution Network)

We are working in partnership with MAIN and SIDI (International Solidarity for Development and Investment) to carry out this project, which aims to contribute to inclusive development in Africa, both economically and socially, by building the skills of the 79 microfinance institutions under MAIN.

    Objectives of our action:

  • Consolidate the economic model of the MAIN network
  • Strengthen the skills of 260 network practitioners
  • Facilitate the sharing of experience within the network

    Our approach:

  • Implementation of diploma and thematic university courses operated by the organization of the "Africa Microfinance Week" and the publication of reference manuals and dissemination of information on the microfinance sector
  • Sharing of experiences within the MAIN network through the organization of exchange visits, publication and dissemination of journals and information documents on the MAIN network, and the development of a website and an intranet
  • Reinforcement of the economic model via implementation of services which generate income for the network.