You are a committed organization, aware that your ability to integrate sustainable development goals into your model is a necessity for your activities and for the development of your organisation’s purpose.

Our wish: to bring your employees together with startups and actors within the Social and Solidarity Economy, to collaborate on projects of common interest.

Our IMPACT LAB program effects the very heart of your organization:


Understand your need
and evaluate the social innovation programs already in place within your organization

→ GROUPE SOS Consulting

Design a social innovation experience
, and identify relevant experts by making use of our network of incubators and entrepreneurs as well as the SOS GROUP itself

Implementation and project management
with the objective of highlighting concrete achievements for your organization

Implementation of tools
for measuring the impact of the device and identification of the crucial levers to ensure its durability


Impact Inside

Sensitize or support your managers and intrapreneurs in the creation of an impact activity for your company. Short or long term program: sensitization by immersion (field visits and expert testimony), accompaniment in the ideation and prototyping of a concept, coaching to social entrepreneurship (shared value design, hybrid business model modeling, design to serve needs).

Results of this program: intrapreneurship program focused on social innovation, field learning and feedback.

Positive Impact Club

Join a club to identify social trends, collaborate to design projects that contribute to Sustainable Development goals. Program for several months of multi-stakeholder cross-innovation (companies, social entrepreneurs, academics, experts): learning expeditions, collective intelligence events and workshops, networking with actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

Results of this program: Connection with ESS actors relevant to your issues, technical input from experts, collaboration with companies in your sector.

The methods mobilized in the IMPACT LAB
have been proven effective in the projects
already developed by the SOS GROUP :

Silver Fourchette

Better care for senior citizens is a major social issue. In order to bring multiple generations together and grant meaning to seniors’ mealtimes, Silver Fourchette has created a gastronomy contest, conferences, trainings and workshops. This lab brings together a panel of regional actors, experts, and committed companies such as Sodexho, Elior, Bel, the Simply Foundation, the Nestlé France Foundation.

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Fermes d'avenir

Proving that sustainable agriculture with a positive impact and alignment with societal challenges is possible, Fermes d'Avenir has created an ecosystem that connects more than 700 agro-ecological farms through its different operations: competitiosn, a crowdfunding platform, events, a social network, training. To support this project, Fermes d'Avenir brings together various actors such as Clarins, Naturéo, the Nature & Découvert Foundation, Crédit Coopératif, and Bluebees.

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Les bons profils

When it comes to first qualification jobs, a company’s future depends on the selection of their new talents. Les Bons Profils is the first recruitment firm dedicated to first-class employment. Their project: skillfully connect integration structures through economic activity and recruiting companies to build sustainable employment.

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The potential for reducing unemployment and improving quality of life through mobility leverage is considerable but undervalued. Wimoov has developed mobility platforms which suit the needs of people in fragile situations: offering educational content, rental services, and financial solutions. A variety of actors have joined forces, including public authorities, companies (Gares & Connexions Total, Renault, La Macif, etc), associations, schools, and universities.

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