GROUPE SOS Pulse is engaged in the reinvention of the economy to place at its heart a commitment to social links and protection of the environment. We want to stimulate new forms of entrepreneurship, innovation, and/or cooperation, and strive to facilitate access to business creation resources for people who are geographically remote or are underrepresented today.

→ Why is it important to us ?

Common interest is not solely the responsibility of public authorities. Every day, large and small companies, entrepreneurs, associations, health mutuals, research laboratories, and foundations co-create and support projects and activities working for the common good. These myriad actors are involved in the emergence of a new type of entrepreneurship, perhaps less superficially impressive but ultimately more humane, more supportive, and more effective. Our goal is an ambitious but realistic, committed, and benevolent entrepreneurship model, the main objective of which is creating wealth that benefits everyone - including those who have historically been excluded.
Never until now has there existed such an urgent need to respond to the challenges of the contemporary world with creativity and innovation, and never before have collaboration and mutual support been so crucial in buiding a more sustainable and inclusive world. This dynamic, however, conceals another reality: many people lack access to entrepreneurship, access to financing is prohibitively difficult for many, and the ecosystem remains complex.
This is why we are engaging our network of incubators and experts to foster a new generation of entrepreneurs for social innovation.

Based in France, our field structures operate internationally - supporting entrepreneurs in finding solutions to the major challenges of our society.

We work with companies, public and private institutions, as well as investors seeking to join these projects to amplify their impact and bring value to their own activities through social innovation.
To tackle these challenges we want to :
  • At the international and regional levels, foster the rise of an entrepreneurship working for the common good
  • Commit to professional support and demonstrated impact for entrepreneurs
  • Faciliate easier access to business creation for those who are currently under-represented in the entrepreneurship space
  • Collate an ecosystem so that investors, businesses and institutions who share a vision can leverage their collective impact
  • Build an international network of support sites so that entrepreneurs can help each other, challenge each other, and conquer new markets
  • Contribute to the future of social entrepreneurship via positive impact projects

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For the past 35 years, GROUPE SOS has fought against exclusion in all forms.

In the field, by being attentive to the changing needs of the world, the Group has gradually created new models to respond to unresolved challenges: such as inclusion through employment, care for senior citizens, solidarity, access to culture, disability, and ecological transition.

To be an entrepreneur or project supported by GROUPE SOS and its incubators is also to count yourself part of GROUPE SOS’s network - you can count on 35 years of experience in social innovation.

Benefit from GROUPE SOS’ strengths :

Field experience with socio-environmental issues

Network of experts and entrepreneurs recognized for their actions

Ability to generate virtuous economic models

... To support entrepreneurship and projects with impact.

ACCOMPANY entrepreneurs at different stages of their projects
CREATE inclusive and accessible programs
ANIMATE a multi-stakeholder ecosystem enabling social innovation
GET INSPIRED by entrepreneurial experiences from around the world



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Integration of GROUPE SOS Pulse with the European network, Euclid.

Launch of Oribi Village, promoting access to social and cultural entrepreneurs in and around Cape Town.

Launch of GROUPE SOS Pulse, bringing together the expertise of Le Comptoir de L'innovation (impact investing, acceleration of social enterprises) and Ginkgo (support for social & solidarity structures in the Global South).

Bidaya launch fund,a support program for financing.

Launch of Commune Image VR in Saint-Ouen, the first incubator entirely dedicated to virtual reality creation in Europe, operated by Créatis.

Launch of CREATIS Brussels, the first incubator for companies dedicated to cultural and creative industries in Belgium, operated by Créatis.

Launch of So In So Good, a key player in social innovation in Hong Kong.

Launch of UP Factory, a 6-month coaching program for projects in the ideation phase, operated by Mouvement UP in partnership with Accenture.

Network of African Microfinance Iinstitutions MAIN (Microfinance African Institutions Network), whose mission is to professionalize microfinance institutions.

Launch of Bidaya, third place for social/green/tech innovation, promoting access to entrepreneurship in the Casablanca-Rabat region.

Beginning of partnership with the AMH Group (Moroccan Association of the Disabled), whose focus is quality of life and socio-professional integration for disabled people in Morocco.

Launch of the Saint-Dizier incubator, operated by Auxilia, with the aim of supporting projects and the local entrepreneurial environment.

Launch of Le Comptoir, an incubator for startups with impact in the greater Paris metropolitan area.

Launch of Lab’ess, Laboratory of Social and Solidarity Economy, working to strengthen associations and support for social entrepreneurs in Tunisia.

Launch of CREATIS, the first incubator for French cultural startups in Paris.

Creation of the Comptoir de l’Innovation.

Creation of GINKGO.

Our team

Adrien Delaby
Bidaya Fund Officer
Amin Abdedayem
Incubation Officer Lab’ess
Anne-Sophie Alibert
Outreach and partnerships Director
Aurianne Lamy
Incubation Officer Oribi Village
Baptiste Salmon
Incubation Officer Lab’ess
Basma Lahbib
Communication Officer Lab’ess
Benedicte Potoine
Bidaya Space Officer
Celiane de la Salle
Deputy General Director
Claire Nakkachi
Bidaya Space Director - Event organisation and communication
Damien Lanneau
Director of partnership & development
Dara Phitthayaphone
Communication Officer Oribi Village
Emmanuel Chauvin
Incubator Director of Le Comptoir - Support of entrepreneurs and animation of Le Comptoir
Eugénie Guillaume
Operation Director of GROUPE SOS Pulse - Coordination of incubators and communication
Hermine Violot
Ibtissem Kerdjani
Incubation Officer Lab’ess
Ingrid Fiette
Managing Director - Outreach and partnerships, organization of Oribi Talks
Kenza Joullanar
Bidaya Incub Director - Support to entrepreneurs
Kevin Goldberg
General Director of Groupe SOS Action Internationale and GROUPE SOS Pulse - Development and Partnerships
Laurianne Lize-Gallabé
Development officer
Lou Barbeau
Lab’ess Officer
Lucas Lasserre
Bidaya Incub Officer
Marie Baulu
Incubation Officer Lab’ess
Marie Provence-Barret
Events and Communication Coordinator - Event organization and community animation, communication
Marion Picard
Bidaya Lab officer
Marwa Ben Harzallah
Communication Officer Lab’ess
Mathilde Souchon
So in So Good programme Director
Mona Ladgham
Responsable administrative et financière Lab’ess
Mona Salpetrier
Administrative and Financing Director - Management of Lab’ESS
Nayl Benjelloun
Bidaya Fund Director - Support to startups in the search for financing
Oriane Mary
Communication coordinator
Rachid Abidi
Director - Strategy and development of Lab’ESS
Raouia Hayder
Incubation Officer Lab’ess
Sarah Diouri
Director of Bidaya - Strategy and development in the Moroccan ecosystem
Sonya Zaiem
Communication Director - Planning and coordination of communication strategy
Yousri Helal
Operations Director - Coordination of Lab’ESS support programs and projects
Yosra Azizi
Zineb Fakihani
Bidaya Lab Director - Support to ESS organizations
Kelly Robin
Project director