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GROUPE SOS PULSE is GROUPE SOS’s program supporting entrepreneurship and the creation of social and environmental innovations. Our network of incubators and experts is engaged in France as well as in the world at large - working alongside entrepreneurs, social & solidarity actors, companies, and public and private organisations in the design and development of projects with impact. Never until now has there existed such an urgent need to respond to the challenges of the contemporary world with creativity and innovation, and never before have collaboration and mutual support been so crucial in buiding a more sustainable and inclusive world. At GROUPE SOS Pulse, we want to foster the emergence of new economic models for tomorrow, which will result from cooperation and synergy between various actors and regions.


LE LAB'ESS (Tunis)
Laboratory dedicated to Social and Solidarity Economy, engaged in supporting associations as well as social entrepreneurs in Tunisia.
ESPACE BIDAYA (Casablanca)
Third place for social and green tech innovation encouraging access to entrepreneurship and financing in Morocco.
Third place supporting entrepreneurs with social or cultural projects in South Africa.
SO IN SO GOOD (Hong Kong)
Accelerator for startups with social and environmental impact ; launching pad for young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.
LE COMPTOIR (Montreuil)
Incubator dedicated to startups with positive impact ; social innovation laboratory of the “Grand Paris”.
CREATIS (Paris & Bruxelles)
First incubator for cultural startups in France and Belgium. Since inception in 2012, has hosted over 100 projects from the cultural/creative sector.
CREATIS (Paris & Bruxelles)
est le premier incubateur de start-ups culturelles en France et Belgique. Il a accueilli depuis sa création en 2012 plus d’une centaine de projets du secteur de la culture et des industries créatives.
Operated by Mouvement UP and Accenture, supporting a new generation of innovators and building innovative solutions to social challenges.
Incubateur de projets (Saint-Dizier)
Operated by Auxilia, incubator created to support local entrepreneurs in their projects, reduce exclusion, and dynamize local economy.
H7 (Lyon)
Operated by Creatis - Third place created in 2019 dedicated to the numeric industry in Lyon metropolitan area, hosting entrepreneurs working on numeric, social and/or creative projects in a 5000m2 collaborative space.
Operated by Creatis. Established in 2017, first incubator in Europe entirely dedicated to creations made possible by virtual-reality (VR) technology.
Groupe AMH Moroccan Association for Handicap (Casablanca)
Project launched in 2014 to reinforce competencies of healthcare staff, develop the performance of healthcare structures, and facilitate increased consideration of the needs of disabled people in the national health strategy.
Microfinance African Institutions Network (Lomé)
Projects launched in 2016 to contribute to the inclusive development in Africa of the 79 microfinance institutions of the MAIN through the reinforcement of competencies, the economic model, and sharing of best practices.
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